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jack scoltock

Derry born writer, Jack Scoltock has been writing for over thirty years. Now retired, he is able to write at his leisure. Before retirement, Jack ran a dive shop. He was a diver and was involved with the discovery of a Spanish Armada Galleon in Kinnego Bay, County Donegal in 1971

His Log books, (telling of his joy of the discovery), can be seen as part of an exhibition on the Armada at the Tower Museum Londonderry. The Log books where the start of his interest in writing about under water discoveries.

Jack uses his experience as a long time author and his many books are proof of his compelling and page-turning ability to keep most children reading his stories.

Ireland and particularly Derry is the backdrop for many of Jack’s stories. In his hands, magic and monsters become believable.

Jack still lives in Derry and has been married to Ursula for over 40 years. He has two children and three grandchildren.

This website was made by his daughter, Justine.


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sand clocker

The Sand Clocker was the last of Jack's books to be published by Wolfhound Press.
the magic sword

The Magic Sword was the third in the Badger series.
the magic harp

A super fantasy of mystery and suspense.
The Meltin' Pot

(From Wreck to Rescue and Recovery)
jeremy's aventure

Witty illustrations by Aileen Caffrey.