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“We Own Laurentic!” written by Jack Scoltock was the first of his Dive books. Published by Impact Publishers, Ballycastle and Coleraine, this well researched book, traces the history of the famous White Star Liner that sank at the mouth of Lough Swilly, County Donegal in 1917 with the loss of 354 men.

The Laurentic was carrying forty three tons of gold bullion worth £5,000,000. This book tells the true stories of the many attempts to salvage the gold.

”We've Found A Cannon!” published by Impact Publishers is the stories of two armada wrecks and is in Scoltock's own words about the day the Derry Sub-aqua Club found an Armada wreck in Kinnagoe Bay County Donegal. Jack was one of the divers who found the wreck, La Trinidad Valencera.
With information about the wrecks, La Trinidad Valencera and the Gerona the book is filled with many photographs. This book will be enjoyed by divers and those interested in local history.

This book contains many beautiful photographs of the cannon and other valuable artifacts that are now on permanent display at Derry’s famous Armada Tower Museum.

“The Meltin’ Pot” (From Wreck to Rescue and Recovery) published by The History Press), is Jack’s new dive book and details the story of how a young girl and her sick mother sailed out into dangerous waters off Greencastle to rescue the crew from a crashed B17 bomber on September 20th 1942. His research into the daring rescue and later what happened to the crew during the war make this an interesting read for all lovers of Aviation history.

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sand clocker

The Sand Clocker was the last of Jack's books to be published by Wolfhound Press.
the magic sword

The Magic Sword was the third in the Badger series.
the magic harp

A super fantasy of mystery and suspense.
The Meltin' Pot

(From Wreck to Rescue and Recovery)
jeremy's aventure

Witty illustrations by Aileen Caffrey.