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Jeremy's Adventure

Jeremy's Adventure was published by Wolfhound Press in 1991.

ISBN. 0 86327 305 X

This is an exciting story about Jeremy, a brave young mouse who sets out to rescue his mother on the day before Christmas Eve. He travels the sewers, the valley of owls, the street of cats; he meets bats and dogs of all sizes- and he discovers the Black Building.

'Oh help us, little mouse!' cried a tiny hare much louder than the others. 'Please!' With tears running down his face, Jeremy studied the catch on the cage. He would need lots of help.

Can Jeremy rescue the animals in time? Will he save his mother's life? Read on to find out.

A wonderful, fast moving animal fable for children to listen to, or read for themselves. Jack writes simply and well, and all his animal characters come vividly to life.
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jeremy's aventure

Witty illustrations by Aileen Caffrey.