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Quest of the Royal Twins

It is twenty years since Quest of the Royal Twins was published since then Jack has had twenty books published.

“Quest of the Royal Twins,” ISBN 0883272061 was Jack's first novel. It was published in 1988 by Wolfhound Press and illustrated by one of Ireland’s best illustrators, Jeanette Dunne.

For some reason, the twins, Siobhan and Jim have had a series of restless nights. Both have heard mysterious noises. Both sense a strange presence. Soon they will make a startling discovery that will change their lives forever. For, unknown to themselves, Jim and Siobhan, possess rare, magical powers. And now their help is needed. The secret world of the leprechauns is in mortal danger. The evil leader, Lucifergus, and his forces seek control and threaten to enslave all the leprechauns in Ireland.

Only the strange powers of Jim and Siobhan and the magical King's chair can save the great leprechaun tribes as they make the long, hazardous trek to the sacred mountain of Pitgartegan. Quest of the Royal Twins is an exciting adventure in which the twins begin to enjoy using their strange powers and discovers why they have been called upon to assist the leprechauns.


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sand clocker

The Sand Clocker was the last of Jack's books to be published by Wolfhound Press.
the magic sword

The Magic Sword was the third in the Badger series.
the magic harp

A super fantasy of mystery and suspense.
The Meltin' Pot

(From Wreck to Rescue and Recovery)
jeremy's aventure

Witty illustrations by Aileen Caffrey.